One Talent Faithful

4 Hour Conference For Busy Pastors

Why one talent faithful?

Healthy churches have a clear sense of identity.  They have aligned their actions with their purpose and they don’t readily deviate from it. The entire team is moving toward a unified destination because someone has defined where they are going and how they’ll get there. 

One Talent Faithful is the quickest and easiest system to enable church leaders to determine their unique purpose. With the help of a simple pastoral and congregational assessment, church leaders and members will collaborate to determine a desired destination.

During this 4-hour training track pastors will learn:

1.  How to identify and employ your churches single greatest strength.
2.  Six healthy progressions that build synergy.
3.  How to bust through seven common church barriers.
4.  Taking advantage of the unique strengths in a small church.
5.  How to use diagnostic questions to determine your DNA.
6.  How to use the OTF Road Map.

If you have ever struggled to articulate the identity of your church, this program is for you.

Listen to our short (26 Minute) Audio Podcast for more information.  We interview the person who created One Talent Faithful.  Well worth listening to.


Motivated by a passion for God's church,  Dr. Bruce Oliver loves to equip and empower the local church and its various ministries.  His primary focus is to help improve the health of the local church.  God used Rev. Oliver to pastor several small churches where people not only grew spiritually but the churches grew in numbers  as  well.  He is capable and  qualified  to  speak  to  pastors (especially pastors of small churches) as he himself has been in the same shoes as many of you. His powerful one day seminar to pastors and church leaders is called One Talent Faithful. This Church Health System will "re-ignite" your calling and help to revitalize your church.

Dr. Oliver has been blessed to offer "Consulting and Training to Pastors and their Churches" for over 20 years.  Unfortunately many churches lack the intensity, focus and follow-through to properly reach it's community.  

"Pastor, I  strongly  recommend  Dr. Oliver to  you  and  your  church.   Dr. Oliver is a uniquely gifted and qualified church consultant.   I have known both Bruce and his wife Winnie for many years and know that you will be blessed and encouraged when using these powerful and insightful materials.  

On May 2nd, 2008, Dr. Bruce Oliver successfully completed Church Consultant Training.  I  have  personally certified  and trained him. I can say without reservation that you and your church will be blessed by the  services he offers. Why not call him today?"  
Bishop Ron Schubert - Soar Ministries 734-320-1725

"Bruce has a strong desire to jump in and help struggling churches break free of their 'status quo' mindset and acquire a vision to attain all that God has for them. Also, he has a very supportive helpmate in Winnie. She has stood so faithfully with him as he has Pastored and served various congregations.  He truly has a burden for God's people and the lost."   
Rev. Wayne Delk     Pastor, Cedar Grove Baptist Church

"It is my pleasure to recommend my friend, Dr. Bruce Oliver, for ministry to churches looking to train leadership and encourage growth.  Dr. Oliver and Winnie have given themselves to helping churches in discovering  leaders, giftings, developing  Annual Ministry Plans, and calling for excellence in leadership.  If you are a pastor or church leader - call him soon to get his expertise working for you."  
Pastor Vic Johnson - Pastor of Care - The Community at Lake Ridge


Bruce Oliver Ministries is proud to offer our seminars centrally located for the busy pastor.  We appreciate the host church and pastor who help to make these events possible.


Select the flyer and then download.  Flyers are in low resolution.  High resolution are available upon request.  Please select which location you are interested in.

1 Day conference 10-2

agenda - six natural progressions


Progression I: SITUATION

Where are we now?

The first step toward your new destination is an honest evaluation of your present situation.  Old data is insufficient for new ventrues.


Progression II dESTINATION

Where Are We Going?

What is your destination?  You should know your destination long before you arrive.



Why Are We Going?

The motivation for any venture or journey is often the result of understanding the payoff.



How Shall We Get There?

We need to have a clear understanding of where we are going.  The objective is to get there, and to get there you must...


Progression V: RESOLUTION

What's standing in our way?

Though most people would like to take the most direct route to their destination there will be barriers which will force us to travel a more diverse route.



When Do We Want To Arrive?

Don't get caught up in a cycle of thinking, analyzing, prepping and waiting.  Birth it!


(AGENDA may be adjusted as needed) 


1 day conference 10-2

10:00 AM Introduction - Welcome

Opening Prayer - Program Begins 

Progressions I, II, III and IV

10:10 AM  Progressions I & II

11:00 AM 10 Min Break

11:10 AM Progressions III & IV

12 Noon Lunch Break - Eat On Premises

Lunch on us.  Sandwiches, Snacks and soft drinks.

Progressions V and VI 

12:30 PM Progression V

1:15 PM 10 Min Break

1:25 PM Progression VI

2:00 PM Close with prayers and evaluations

(Schedule may be adjusted as needed)


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